RemZzzs Nasal Pillows Liners (box of 30)

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  • RZ-7ANPK
A new liner style specifically designed for nasal pillow mask users. The nasal pillow liners prevent skin breakdown occuring at the point of mask insertion into the patient’s nostrils, an extremely sensitive area. Fits most ResMed, Respironics, and F&P nasal pillows.  (Exception: &P Pilairo)
CAD $39.00


The advance design acts as a barrier between the skin of your face and the silicone of your Nasal Pillows mask’s cushion.

  • Promote healing of suspected deep tissue injury, stage I and 2 pressure sores, with intact skin.
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate noisy and annoying air leaks.
  • Prevent skin irritations and ugly pressure marks.
  • Help absorb facial moisture and oils.
  • Assist with comfortably holding your mask in place.
  • Allow for the use of bedtime facial products.
  • Promote a comfortable, full night of sleep… for you and your partner!

Each box contains 30 liners

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